Brown Butter & Lemon Berry Doughnuts

If you’ve seen recipes with brown butter but were reluctant to try because you thought it was too complicated, let me assure you it’s really simple to make and can take your desserts and even savory dishes to another level. I used brown butter in this recipe, but you can make these doughnuts without browning the… Continue reading Brown Butter & Lemon Berry Doughnuts


Pumpkin Pie Steel Cut Oats

When I was a kid, our neighbor Mr. King, worked for General Mills and occasionally he would bring my Mom boxes of breakfast cereal. Not sure if they were factory rejects or he just enjoyed seeing small children hyped up on sugar, running around the house, but our pantry was always stocked with brightly colored boxes.… Continue reading Pumpkin Pie Steel Cut Oats

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Banana Pumpkin Bread

Today is World Bread Day. It’s also World Food Day and National Liquor Day. I can’t keep track of all of those food holidays, but it does coincide nicely with my latest recipe – Banana Pumpkin Bread. By the way, October 24th is National Bologna Day, so be on the lookout for my latest cupcake creation 😉  But,… Continue reading Banana Pumpkin Bread