FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This page contains a running list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you don’t see your question below, please fill out the Contact Me form and ask away.

1. Why do you list your ingredients in both volume (cups) and weight (grams)?

Baking is a science and getting the measurements right can be the difference in a masterpiece or a disaster. When you measure ingredients by weight, it assures a consistent result every time. Measuring by volume can be inconsistent, as several things could affect the results. A cup of flour should weight 4 1/2 oz. or 120 grams, but can fluctuate by as much as 30% just by the way you scoop the flour. When you measure by weight, you can also easily double or triple a recipe with the same results. A digital kitchen scale is about $15 and worth the price if you’ll be doing a lot of baking.

2. Do you provide nutritional information for your recipes?

I do provide nutritional information for the recipes that are healthier. Do you really want to know the calories in that piece of cake? If you really want to know, there are a lot of calorie calculators with recipe builders available for free online. I use My Fitness Pal for all of my recipes.

3. Do you use a convection or a conventional oven?

I use a convection oven when baking. If you use a conventional oven, lower the temperature by 25° F.

Ovens can be unpredictable, so take a little time to figure out the “hot spots” in your oven. Buy an oven thermometer ($6 at the grocery store) to find out how long it takes your oven to heat to the correct temperature. When I preheat my oven, it takes another 15 minutes, after the bell dings for my oven to actually reach the correct temperature.

The baking temperatures for all of my recipes will note if convection or conventional and the correct temperature to use for each.

4. Can I repost one of your posts on my blog?

Yes, as long as you ask permission and there is a link back to my blog.

5. Can I use one of your photographs? Do you sell photographs?

If you’d like to use one of my pictures, please ask permission.  Generally, I have no problem, as long as you link back to my blog.

Yes, my photographs are available to purchase. Please fill out the Contact Me form if you have any questions.