Clean Eating · Snacks

Cherry Almond Energy Bites

Do you start dragging when the clock hits 2:00 PM? Instead of an afternoon cup of coffee or a bag of Peanut M&Ms from the vending machine, grab a few of these little treats to keep you going until dinner. At 81 calories apiece, you can enjoy 3 of these fruity, nutty, chewy energy balls for… Continue reading Cherry Almond Energy Bites

Fruit Desserts · Pies

Apple Crostata

In honor of National Pi Day, I made an Apple Crostata. Actually, it was a coincidence. The apples were on my counter, their fate already sealed before I realized today was March 14th. Sometimes things just work out. A crostata is an Italian baked pie or tart. You might also see it called a rustic tart. Whatever… Continue reading Apple Crostata

Clean Eating · Meatless Dish · Side Dishes

Confetti Beans and Rice

Today I have a healthy and clean recipe that doesn’t have frosting on it. It’s a great side dish, full of veggies, wild rice and black beans. I call it Confetti Beans and Rice because of the bright colors of the bell peppers. Whatever color peppers you choose is up to you. A versatile dish… Continue reading Confetti Beans and Rice